Can Google be Made to See Reason?

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It has arrogantly refused to remove the offending content from its site.

But actually we do.  Look at the money trail. Google had revenues of $40 billion last year. Ninety-six percent of these came from ads.

And its claim to fame in the advertizing world is that it has revolutionized advertizing by providing targeted ads: Ads that are delivered to each viewer based on the personal preferences and interests of that viewer. Both the AdWords and AdSense programs that it uses are based on information about the users that it gathers and stores through their use of its free services.

It has a huge database about everyone who uses it and uses that database to generate money. If one billion people stop using Google, it will certainly see a huge shrinking of its revenue stream sufficient to bring it to its knees in no time. It would immediately stop any and all insulting content if that happened.

Of course taking on a behemoth like Google requires a big organizational effort.  We do need an organization that can stand up to the likes of Google, Facebook, and others. Let us hope and pray that some energetic and enterprising young people come up with an organization to end the arrogance of these monsters and convince them to abide by the anti-Blasphemy code of ethics.

But even in its absence a token protest is the minimal we can do for that purpose.  
Let us spread the word..

-Khalid Baig

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