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Mufti Ismail Menk

It is easy to break the hearts of others or hurt their feelings but not as easy to bear the consequences later on.

Dreams are a gift of the Almighty & are mostly a replay of our thoughts, deeds, worries or experiences.
We should not overreact to a dream, becoming engrossed in it as though our lives rotate around it.
Upon seeing a bad dream we should seek the Almighty's protection from Satan, give out a little charity & not relate it unnecessarily.
True dreams mostly recur during the last thrid of the night.

Ensuring that our children respect those whom we have employed is a quality of true believers.

We should never forget to express gratitude & thanks in appreciation to those who have been kind to us or benefitted us in any way.
"Jazakumullahu khairan" is a powerful statement of appreciation, meaning "May the Almighty recompense you with goodness".
Those who are quick to forget kindness by others will not be shown kindness when it is most needed.
Mutual appreciation encourages us to engage in further goodness & enhances the bond of families & communities etc. So never forget to show appreciation.

A wise man once said,
"When you came into this world you were crying & those around you were smiling in happiness. So live your life in such a way that when you leave this world you will be smiling & those around you will be crying at the loss!"
This highlights the imporantce of leading an exemplary life & preparing well for the day we meet our Maker!
Good people should not be celebrating at the news of our death!

When a spouse or family member has wronged us or let us down it is important to try hard to resolve the matter as quickly as possible & forgive them.
If we broke relations with all family members who have made mistakes or have wronged us, we would lead a very lonely life full of hatred and mistrust.
Those who have broken off relations due to one or two wrongdoings have mostly regretted later on in life, whereas those who have forgiven and reconciled have mostly lead a much happier life than before.
When forgiving, it is impor tant to forget the past as difficult as this may be.
Those who do not prevent themselves from thinking of the past tend to live in constant agony & bitterness.
People who instantly opt for divorce without considering forgiveness and reconciliation may find it difficult to live with anyone, as all human beings are prone to error.
Leaving matters unresolved or delaying for no valid reason, makes it spiral and causes deep rooted hatred that quickly seeps through to extended families and the next generations.
It is unfair that innocent cousins a re made to grow up with so much unnecessary baggage and abide blindly by lines that their parents were too selfish to erase.
Forgive, resolve and reconcile as far as possible. It is healthier for you in every way.

Moulana Ebrahim Bham

In Ramadhaan,together with the fear of Allah,let us strive to inculcate the love of Allah and see what difference it make to our Ibadat and life.

In Al Qur'aan (2;165) Allah says, the believers love Allah passionately, the believer due to this will not want to displease his beloved i.e Allah
Just as fear of Allah imposes discipline to stay away from wrong, Love of Allah imposes it own form of discipline in achieving the same

"Refrain from harming others for this will be regarded as a charitable deed" Bukhari: The minimum in human relationship is not to harm others.

Sheikh Yawar Baig

Life is a slate which records every moment and we have the eraser.What remains is what we don't erase. Choose wisely,for it's our slate.